Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Monitoring grid jobs by VO from the RBs point-of-view.

Gidon Moont (of the 3D Real-Time Monitor fame) has come up with another monitoring tool. Using the data collected from all the WLCG Resource Brokers, graphs are generated that plot the number of jobs each VO has running and queued at your site. More information is available at the Real Time Monitoring page (the "GridLoad Graphs" section).

What's particularly nice is he's included support for Google Gadgets. Gadgets, if you've not come across them, are a small bit of web content wrapped up so they're easy to handle. You can add Gadgets to iGoogle, to your desktop or even within to your webpages.

MonAMI includes a framework that (amongst other things) extends Ganglia's default web front-end to include support for Gadgets (e.g. Glasgow's Torque monitoring).

So, with Google Gadgets, you can see your local batch system monitoring side-by-side with a per-VO view of what the Resource Brokers think your site is up to.

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