Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Greetings from CHEP 2007!

Greetings from Victoria!

For those that thought things have been a bit quiet recently; well, yes, they have been. Recently, all my time has been spent preparing for the CHEP 2007 and All Hands 2007 conferences.

CHEP has now started, with various GridPP people here. Graeme, Greig and myself are giving a poster-presentation of MonAMI at CHEP. The poster is deliberately "visual": I'm aiming to use it to talk people through the concepts, rather than providing a poster that has lots of text.

For those interested, the poster was put together using Inkscape: a SVG editor. The whole poster is made up of SVG graphics with the only exception of the GridPP backgrounds and University logos (which are, unfortunately, large bitmaps). Inkscape is a very powerful editor. If you are doing anything involving SVG, I would recommend inkscape. Be sure to take the tutorials: they're both easy to follow and will greatly increase your productivity.

CHEP itself is an excellent conference. There's lots of people in the HEP computing field often facing similar computational challenges. I'm looking forward to meeting more people during the poster sessions.


stelt said...

Make an SVG version of the University logo. Try to get the university to make that the new official version.

Paul Millar said...

Hmm, my artistic skills aren't up to drawing a new logo and my powers of persuasion are certainly not up to convincing the Uni to adopt a new logo!

The best hope here is to convert the existing logo into SVG. I have a copy of the original EPS file, which should be a vector drawing.

The EPS file is PostScript v3 and was drawn using Adobe Illustrator. The file doesn't work well with Linux tools (apparently contains a lot of A.I.-specific content.)

I'm hoping that someone within the Dept. will have a copy of A.I. that can export as SVG, so obtaining a proper SVG logo for next time.