Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The "external" repository

How do you best configure Ganglia to work with MonAMI? What's a good Nagios configuration? MonAMI is designed to fit in with existing monitoring tools; but, sometimes those external tools need to be tweaked to get the best out of the available data.

External is a collection of scripts, configuration hints, and similar "useful stuff". It's material not for MonAMI, but rather for the programs MonAMI communicates with (hence "external").

The current focus has been on getting decent graphs within Ganglia. External has a framework for building RRDTool graphs, pie charts, and frames of related information. It also includes a fair number of examples showing how to use the framework. The torque and maui frames are excellent examples: see the output from UKI-SCOTGRID-Glasgow.

For now, external is available as a CVS module (browse, instructions).



Ido said...

does multiple-graphs.php require a certain version of php? I have 4.3.9 and I only get a blank box where I'm supposed to see the extra stuff. please help..

Paul Millar said...

Hi Ido,

There's no particular version requirement for PHP and the mg-frame extension: any version of PHP >= 4 should do.

If you're getting a blank box, please check that the extra metrics are appearing in Ganglia (click on "Gmetrics" link, a little way down on the left of the host view). Also, please check that the metrics start with "torque" (for the Torque frame). If not, you will need to edit the prefix, which is stored in templates/default/frames/torque.php.

Unfortunately, I can't see the Ganglia page you linked to (the secure connection times out and the insecure connection is redirected to a wiki) so can't really comment further.

You might like to subscribe to monami-users mailing list. This makes fault-finding easier. For details, please see:



Ido said...

Thanks a lot!
I managed eventually (I needed to rename
to our real headnode name). I posted a question in the monami mailing list about iGoogle widget appearance.
Thanks again.